My name is Varodomh Dubois. I go by many names such is Atom, Tom,  Var, Tom-Tom, Tommy boy,  boy, Atomic Bomb, and many other names that are both nice and/or explicit but most call me by either of the first 3 names  i listed. I came from one of the last country’s that call themselves communist, Laos. Due to government, environment, living conditions and family problems my mother decided to work and scrape up enough money to move to America. The age i arrived at America was 6 years old.

Coming into a new world with a new language to learn was in all very tough. I became anti social immediately because i knew no one and the peers that were similar to me in race were also very or maybe even more anti social than I was. In these new conditions i grew up to be smart and responsible  towards my work because of my low exposure to friendship. As I progressed from mid high school and early college life I started to gather a group of friends that were like minded and encouraging as we worked in school in the quest for more knowledge and to achieve our dreams.

I am someone I think of with great potential. Someone that is already great but as always could be many times better.

This portfolio is to express my knowledge from my journey to share with anyone who sees.